Ankelbootsene som passer deg best

The ankle boots that suit you best

High heel ankle boots

Which should I choose?

I'm sure we've all bought a pair of shoes that looked tempting but weren't nearly as tempting to walk in. In the jungle of beautiful and stylish shoes, it is easy to make a mistake. Here are our tips for choosing the right ankle boots with a high heel!

Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world.

by Marilyn Monroe

Sara ankle boot

Sara ankle boot is a last and sole who has been with us for a long time. The heel is stable and well placed so it is good to walk with. Sara has a rounded tip and is raised above the toes to prevent it from being too flat. The rail is medium in width. Choose this if you want a classic ankle boot.

Fits perfectly with work outfits in the office - both dresses, skirts and trousers! Can look formal while being tough in expression with another pair of jeans.

Nora ankle boot

A well-known ankle boot, pumps and boots for many of our customers. Nora has a good rubber sole at the front of the platform which makes it softer under the toes and reduces the heel height. The rail Nora is made on has a medium width so it is more spacious than it looks! The tip is neither completely pointed nor completely round, so the ankle boot is classic and style-neutral.

Nora has a very varied range of use - uniform shoes, office shoes, replacement for pumps, ankle boot for pen outfits and everyday wear. The heel height is 9cm but is reduced by approx. 1cm by the plateau at the front. Despite the height, the position of the heel and the good last are so good that this is a clear customer favourite! Choose this when you need a high heel ankle boot that works for most things.

Naomi ankle boot

This is Nora's "sister". A stronger sole and heel that both increase comfort and make it solid on different surfaces. It has a pointed toe so Naomi has a clearer expression than other classic ankle boots. The last is medium wide and the leather quality on the Naomi is nubuck, which makes it very soft and molds quickly to the foot. Suitable for those who like Nora but want a rougher expression and a more stable heel. If you like the heel but want a round tip and a "nicer" sole, we recommend Ane ankle boot

Naomi is a ankle boot that is good to wear for a long time and goes just as well with tough jeans as it does with decorated occasions. Despite the high heel, it is very good on the foot. Naomi has a block heel where the inner sole is lower than the heel is on the outside of the shoe, high platform in rubber and elastic on the sides.

Wild wild west - Tia and Lois boots

ankle bootis inspired by the western tendency is known for suitable heel height and wider heels. Our series Lois and Tia are in this category. Lois is a sophisticated and classic ankle boot with a delicate western touch. This makes it easy to style more typical or more classic. A medium to narrow hem and a narrow shaft that makes it look great for skirts. The tip is cut off in the front without compromising the fit.

Tia boots are western boots with many details. It has a low, wide heel that you can easily wear all day and then some. The fit is medium wide and the elastic on the side makes the shoe comfortable to wear.

Lois is available in two variants- Lois with a higher shaft in brown and black, and  Lois 2 in black with a lower shaft.

Tia boots - a distinctive shoe with a lot of character

Live ankle boot

If you need a ankle boot that fits most things and is extra spacious in the front - then Live is the right model for you. Available in black and brown croco embossed leather.

The Lesten Live is made of is medium to large in width and with extra height above the toes.

Perfect for both embellished outfits and everyday wear! The sole is grooved and the heel is large and stable.

Perfect «dressankle boot

Summer, winter, autumn and spring - now ankle boots are equally relevant all year round and we like to use them instead of small shoes and pumps with dresses and skirts. All the series mentioned above are ankle boots that work well for this, but clear favorites together with dresses are Jane ankle boot and Nora 4, both of which are somewhat higher in the shaft.

Nora 4 ankle boots with the perfect height for use with skirts and dresses.

Jane ankle boot in black lacquer is a bestseller with a stable heel and elegant look

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