Vision and values

Sapatos always leaves traces of joy in our surroundings!

This applies to all our interactions: purchase experience, supplier collaboration, aid work (CSR), employees' experience of culture, collaboration and management.

This commitment is reflected in our customer promises:

  • At Sapatos you get a good shopping experience every time, because we understand your needs and have designed our stores and assortment around you. Our employees are at work to make your everyday life better.
  • Our employees have solid knowledge of feet and shoes, and know how to find exactly the shoe that suits your foot and your style. Once you have chosen your product, we give you a good introduction to how you can best preserve it.
  • Sapatos collaborates with traditional shoe manufacturers all over the world to be able to offer you shoes with exciting designs, without compromising either comfort or quality. This has made us a preferred supplier for consumers as well as business customers 

The above vision and promises form the basis for our service approach and how our customers should be served. This approach has contributed to us having a particularly good service reputation and many returning customers in our stores.