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Dagny and Einar Drangsland

sapatos is a Norwegian family business

The family has been in the clothing business for three generations and the whole story started with grandfather Einar Theodor Drangsland who, together with his wife Dagny Drangsland, opened a manufacturing business in Lyngdal, a small village outside Kristiansand in 1948. Here they received, among other things, the raw wool that the farmers delivered for resale. They came with large paper sacks full of raw wool, which was paid for by weight. The children also helped in the operation. Among other things, they were set to check the bags. They used large sticks that they stuck inside the sacks to see if there were stones in between the wool, which the farmers did to increase the weight of the wool. If stones were found in the sacks, the entire load of wool was sent away again, because Einar refused to accept wool from those who dealt in such things.

Eventually they also opened a small shop in Kristiansand with some fabric and clothing. This was the start of the shop operation. In 1959, Einar and Dagny moved with the whole family to Skien where another new shop was established. Here he bought an old block of flats which they renovated from the ground up and opened a shop over three floors.

From left: Einar Drangsland, Dagny Drangsland, Eva Drangsland, the owner and export manager of a large leather factory in Barcelona and Tore Kjell Drangsland

The eldest son Tore Kjell Drangsland was actively involved throughout his upbringing and worked for and with his father until he took over the family business in 1985 with his wife Eva. They reorganized the operation and with a new generation, the company expanded with a total of 14 stores in the entire Eastland area. In 1999 they merged with the Varner group and took over responsibility for 29 Vivike stores. Over the next three years, they increased the concept to 53 stores before ending a constructive collaboration. The knowledge of shop management, fashion and business was still a driving force.

So in 2005 Tore Kjell came across a unique shoe concept from Brazil. It was the men's brand Ferracini with its patented sole that caught the eye. A dress shoe in leather with soft soles that breathe and transport moisture. - A unique shoe brand that can still be found in our stores today.

Tore Kjell with his experience from business and shop management saw this as an exciting opportunity. He therefore packed a suitcase full of around 50 pairs of men's shoes. He sent these to friends and acquaintances all over the country to test them on Norwegian roads and feet.

The feedback was so good that Tore Kjell decided together with his sons Tor Erik, Per Arne and daughter-in-law Monika to open a store concept based on these quality products. In 2006, the new shoe store sapatos saw the light of day. The concept was based on the idea of ​​being able to offer customers quality products at reasonable prices. sapatos became known for its unique style, very good quality at a good price, and very good personal service.

From left: Henriette Drangsland, Per Arne Drangsland and Monika Drangsland

In 2011, parts of the procurement were moved to factories in Portugal. It was a fruitful collaboration, which eventually laid the foundation for our own brand sapatos, where the products are handmade in Portugal from, among other things, leather and soles from Italy. Now there are both sapatos dame and sapatos lord. Both brands have been very well received, and the majority of the range today is from the sapatos collection. Our customers appreciate the unique Scandinavian design, adapted to our harsh Nordic climate without compromising on comfort. In addition, there is our own unique sapatos Casual brand which is produced in a quality factory in Brazil. Here you will find exciting women's shoes with fantastic comfort and classic design.

Our products are known for quality in the form of good materials and unique comfort. And in May 2018 we were able to proudly launch our first sapatos bag and belt collection. These are handmade bags and belts designed in Norway and produced by skilled craftsmen in Portugal. It is the neighboring factory to the factory where shoe production takes place and there are good relations between the various factories. This means that we offer the customer bags, shoes and belts in the same leather, which is completely unique.

We are concerned that there should be good quality for the customer and that there should be good craftsmanship in every single shoe, bag and belt. Our unique shoe concept offers unique products and solutions, through passion for quality, knowledge and the good experience. We at sapatos want to give you a brighter day, and create warmth and joy in the society around us.

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Ønskjer å sende Sapatos eit framlegg til ein suksessrik modell (Ferracini).
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Åsmund Orten

Hi, i have been buying winter shoes from Sapatos in Sandvika every year. I must say….best quality and very comfortable!
Thank you 🌹
Best of luck to your family 🌹


Veldig koselig å lese om opphavet/historien til Sapatos konseptet. Det gjør det faktisk til enda mer “stas” å handle med dere, nå som jeg har fått ett innblikk i familiehistorien. Elsker spesielt sko og kjøper kun kvalitetssko, og kan med hånden på hjertet si at Sapatos har aldri sviktet. Servicen er upåklagelig, returer er uproblematisk, kvaliteten er veldig god, og varene blir levert veldig raskt. Ønsker familien Drangsland masse lykke til videre, det er en glede å være kunde hos dere.


Så interessant og hyggelig historie bak Sapatos! Bra folk! Masse lykke til!

Chris Nyhus

Skoene ser lekre ut. Veldig hyggelig historie. Nå vet jeg hvor jeg skal kjøpe sko neste gang og hvilket merke. 🤗

Anne Hestenes

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