Den perfekte skoletten

The perfect <tc>ankle boot</tc>

Nora Burgunder

The perfect ankle bootone

Pia Røiseland Molstad
Store manager sapatos Ski Storsenter

What does it take to lift your spirits when you're having a blue day?

For me, the feeling of putting on a stylish outfit and my favorites ankle bootis a sure step in the right direction. With Nora ankle booton my feet I am immediately ready to face the day ahead. These are the shoes that take me straight from work, to coffee with girlfriends or to dinner with my boyfriend, without my feet hurting at the end of the day.

Nora brown bootie

Nora comes in many variants, but all have the same good sole and fit.

Nora3 black

 I love that the design is so classic.

Nora cognac

It makes it easy to use the shoes for many different occasions.

My personal favorite is in burgundy smooth leather, but I have several different ones that are all heavily used.

Nora burgunder

For work in the shop I like to wear them with jeans and a knitted jumper, for meetings I style them with a blazer and nice trousers. If you're going out to eat, it works well with skirts and dresses, and if you don't like wearing pumps, it's a perfect alternative.

Nora2 black

In addition, the materials and craftsmanship are of top quality. The leather is very soft and comfortable, and looks great (even if you have a wide foot, like me). The fit fits like a glove, and the sole is well built so that you get support under the entire foot. This means that the ankle boots can be worn all day long without compromising comfort and despite the fact that they have a high heel. The outer sole is rubber coated so that it is suitable for slippery surfaces.

Nora3 black

For me, these are the shoes that have everything. They are elegant on the foot, work with any outfit and are comfortable even after a long day. If you haven't tried them yet, I would recommend that you do! There's a good chance you'll be hooked...

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Mitt første kjøp på nettet!! Bestilte i går – skoene kom i dag ;) Passer og ser bra ut – blir litt spennende å bruke/ teste de !

BJørn THorleif VAnvik

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