Espadrillos - Spansk drøm pü foten

Espadrillos - Spanish dream on the foot

Handmade in Spain

The work of making espadrilles is a modern process with roots in the past, the tradition and craftsmanship have lasted for centuries. Here you can see how our espadrillos are made step by step. The factory has a long history, starting in 1946 and it is now the third generation that runs the family business.

The soles of our espadrilles are produced in a traditional way, using high quality jute. They use skeins with jute fibers and then they are braided together with special machines. Then the sole is handcrafted on a board to get its original shape. This sole is cross-stitched to reinforce it, and finally a layer of natural rubber is added using the vulcanization process.

Hand stitch

The entire process of making espadrillos is done by hand. It is a painstaking job to make a shoe as there are various parts of cloth or leather that make up the top of the shoe which must first be cut, then the various components must be sewn together before being sewn to the sole. This is also done by hand on each individual shoe. The current manufacturing process of an espadrille is very similar to what it was centuries ago.

Material selection

We have a strong environmental focus, therefore only high-quality natural materials are used. Jute fibres, cotton cloth, silk or leather are some of the materials used to make espadrilles. Then we get to help compose our own variants with different colors and material choices adapted to our Nordic style. Here you see Gaia epspadrillos div, a colorful variant in woven natural material jute.

Take a look at our fantastic selection of espadrilles, here there is something for every taste with both a high wedge and a slightly flatter one like a sandal. All have the soft handmade jute sole which makes this shoe completely unique, incredibly soft and suitable for most feet. Welcome to find your favorite!

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