Den mykeste dresskoen noensinne!

The softest dress cow ever!

The softest dress cow ever


The Winner series is one of our best sellers, which has been with us since we opened the store in 2006. Since then, this unique shoe has given us countless loyal customers, who come back again and again to get the same shoe.

It has a patented sole that makes this shoe incredibly soft. Many have compared it to walking in trainers.

At the same time, it has a unique air system in the sole that makes the shoe "breathe" and transports away moist air.

The sole is made of soft rubber and the shoe itself is leather, both inside and out. This is a quality shoe that you are guaranteed to be satisfied with.

It is available in various colors and designs, all of which are built on the same unique sole.

You get it both with laces and with elastic that you can easily slip on and off.



Winner shoe brown

Winner shoes brown with elastic

Winner shoes cognac

Winner shoes cognac

Winner boots black Winner Boots black
Ferracini Winner dress shoe

A completely unique sole. Both breathable and extreme comfort.


"The new sole seems more robust and cushions better, as well as that they are better to walk with. Have been using these every day at work for several years, and they are a Winner!"

- Steffen  S.



Try out one of our unique dress shoes and become one of our satisfied customers!

"A useful and very comfortable shoe Recommended!

- Vidar N.

Welcome to one of our sapatos stores in Bogstadveien 46 or at Sandvika Storsenter.

Or you can easily click home a pair from our online store - free shipping throughout Norway!

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