Meet Indy Boots

Indy which means beautiful is a versatile boots that can be used for both pants and skirts. This is a boots that you both keep warm and that are stylish and trendy. With its warm wool fleece inside the entire shoe and leather on the outside you get a quality shoe that lasts all season.Indy boots beige

You get indy in four different colors black, white, green and a beige Camouflage mustered suede. It black and white The boots are in smooth leather while the green and the beige is in suede and nobouk leather. Everyone is handmade in Portugal and is of the highest quality. What's your favourite?

The dream shoe

Monica Nyhus has along with Sapatos designed their own dream shoes For the season. These shoes are produced in a small town in Portugal which is known for its high quality in shoe production.

How the shoe turns into

Between 50-80 components are needed to make a shoe, these should be cut, sewn together, glued and shaped into a shoe. In our Indy Boots, about 100 processes are needed to shape a single shoe. It is a painstaking needlework to make a single shoe and there are carefully selected products used in production. We are proud to present to you how the shoe is created. With high quality from the bottom to the outermost and of course, there are good working conditions in the factories that we use. Indy Boots, a quality shoe that you are going to love to go with! Check out the online store or one of our physical stores, Saptos Bogstadveien or Sapatos Sandvika Storsenter. Welcome to!

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