Hvordan en sko blir til

How a shoe is made

Facts about our shoe production

Our products are known for quality in the form of good materials and unique comfort. We have created our own shoe brand called sapatos women and sapatos men. These are handmade shoes designed in Norway and produced by skilled craftsmen in Portugal.

The shoes are produced in a small town in Portugal which is known for its high quality. There are more than 100 different factories here, all of which work with different parts of shoe production. We travel to the factories several times a year and have regular contact with them.

 <tc>sapatos</tc> men's shoes in production

Approximately 80 -100 people are needed to produce a shoe. From the drawing board, via design, cutting, edging, gluing, sewing, shaping the shoe, putting on the sole, etc. To make a single shoe, between 30-50 different components must be cut which must be sewn and glued together to form the top of the shoe. Every shoe has both an outer leather and an inner leather. These must first be cut, then glued and hammered for each individual component before being put together and sewn. When the inside and outside are sewn together, the shoe must be shaped to its correct shape. This is done over a last of the correct size before it is attached to the sole and heel. This is also done by hand and each individual upper is glued and stapled to an inner sole before the outer sole is glued and or sewn on.


Quality in a shoe is not only about the craftsmanship, but also about the quality of the materials used to make the shoe. We are concerned that the correct and good quality leather is used on both the inside and outside of the shoe, in addition to a suitable and good sole for Norwegian conditions. The factories we use have long turnaround times and are concerned with producing quality goods. We use leather that is soft and comfortable on the inside.On the outside of the shoe, leather is used which is more robust and durable 

<tc>sapatos</tc> women's shoes in production


Those who work in the factories have this as their craft and take pride in ensuring that every single shoe is correct. At the same time, regular checks are carried out to ensure that there is no sloppiness in production. It is status to work in the factories we use and it is well paid in relation to the work done. Most of the people who work there have been there for a long time and have solid experience in their craft.

<tc>sapatos</tc> women's shoes in production


sapatos has handmade women and men shoes that are designed in Norway and manufactured in Portugal. There is a close collaboration between the designers in Norway and the draftsmen in Portugal. In this way, we can adapt the products to the harsh climate we have here in Norway. We are concerned that there should be good quality and good craftsmanship in each individual shoe, at the same time that the stylish Nordic design is taken care of.

Design collaboration on <tc>sapatos</tc> women's shoes

By working directly with the factories , we can offer you as a customer the best products at a good price. We also know that everything you buy from us is produced under good ethical working conditions.

If you have tried a pair of shoes from us for the first time, there is a high probability that you will also be hooked, like so many of our loyal customers. Welcome to an inspiring trade in the online store or in one of our stores in Bogstadveien, Sandvika Storsenter, Ski Storsenter and Strømmen Storsenter!

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