How to take care of the new winter shoes throughout the winter?

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Here in the Nordic countries we have a harsh climate and it goes hard beyond the shoes unless you take good precautions to protect them. Leather shoes are a quality product and they must be protected to best keep their original shape and color.

Here you get good tips and advice on how to best look after your new leather shoes.

     Shoe rental - should be done monthly, depending on how often the shoe is in use

When it comes to winter shoes for outdoor use, it pays to use impregnation sprayBefore you start wearing the shoe. Impregnation spray Put a water -repellent layer around the shoe, protecting it in the form of dust and dirt do not pull as far into the skin.


This also makes the shoe easier to clean. Very effective on suede, nubuck and textiles, but be aware that in the long run it can dry out smooth skin. We therefore recommend using other additional products to maintain moisture, such as Delicate Cream Neutral.. It is water -repellent fat used for smooth skin to maintain moisture and color. It is very effective protection against saland and to avoid water damage. Made from natural products such as coconut oil and beeswax, and therefore has a long shelf life.

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Impregnation spray should not be used more than 1 year after opening, as the effect can subside and in some cases can make stains. Lacquer shoes, as well as glossy shoes in smooth leather shouldnot Spray then this can make them shielded and math.

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Effect shoe balm Is another good shoe care product for smooth leather. It is water -repellent fat that is used to preserve moisture and color. Liquid in texture and easy to work with. It is glossier than Leather conditioner and can make the color of the shoe look a little darker until it dries in. Made from natural products such as coconut oil and beeswax, and has a long shelf life. Neutral color.

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How best to clean the leather shoes?

Suede Velours Liquid is an effective cleanser to suede and nubuck, which preserves the color and moisture. It has a liquid texture and a sponge on the tip of the bottle for easy application. Works optimally in combination with impregnation spray and combi brush/nubuck brush. Available in black and neutral color.

Combi brush Is a nubuck brush used to brush dust and dirt of suction shoes and nubuck, as well as to brush the hairs up again after care with suede velours librid.

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Cleaning formula one is a cleanser for all materials. Particularly effective for smooth leather, but can also be used for suede and textiles if needed. Removes stains and dirt/dust in a gentle manner and applied with a sponge or cloth.Leather shoes from sapatos Is a quality product and with the right treatment it will last season after season.

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Which products should be used on the various leather types

Smooth skin - Useimpregnation spray as protection against water/dirt and dirt. Use tooLeather balmor effect shoe balm to add moisture to the skin.

Nubuck/suede leather - use impregnation sprayas protection against water/dirt and dirt. Use too Suede Velours LiquidFor cleansing the skin, we recommend a combi brush after the treatment to get the skin nicely after the treatment.

Lacquer - We recommend wiping the shoe with a dry cloth if it becomes moist or dirty so that it does not pull water or muck into the skin.

Clean/wash of soles - use impregnation spray Without silicone to clean white soles that have been soiled or stained. Spray on under and on the side of the shoe and wipe with a cloth. An old toothbrush or Q-tip can be useful tools to get properly in grooves and tracks. Hard spots can be removed with an eraser!

Products mentioned in the article

Here is an overview of the most important shoe rental products you need

Wax Cream Neutral
Impregnation spray
Cleaning formula
Effect shoe balm
Woly Combi Brush

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