Walk of Joy

OSLO sneakers

OSLO sneaker

We are proud to present the OSLO sneaker from sapatos Casual. Super light sole, sporty and elegant design - get ready for a completely new shoe experience! Walk of joy


We are so proud of this fine city of ours, which is both close to the fjord, forest and mountains. And everything is just a short subway ride away. So with this in mind, we have now designed a leisure shoe that fits just as well in urban Oslo as in the forest. With its super light sole, cool design and good comfort, this is the sneaker that goes with everything.

OSLO sneaker goes just as well with trousers as with skirts and it is perfect for a day in the city with a lot of walking. Here, there is super comfort whether you are going to walk around the city, on a walk in the forest or dance the night away.

Walk of Joy

We want to leave traces of joy in our surroundings and help make your everyday life even better. Good shoes take you to good places and with OSLO sneaker on your feet, you are guaranteed to be well suited for new exciting experiences.

Get yourself a pair of cool OSLO sneakers you too. We have shops at Sandvika Storsenter, Bogstadveien and Ski Storsenter. Or check out our online store sapatos.com, free shipping and returns on these cool sneakers within Norway and we ship world wide. Snap a pair home today and they will arrive within a couple of days.

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