Sneakers trenden fortsetter for fullt

The sneaker trend continues in full force

Joy from Nude of Scandinavia

Sneakers are still standing strong

One would think that 2018 would be the year of sneakers, but based on the collections from the major brands, the trend has only just begun. In 2019, sneakers will be stronger than ever!

Mio Sneaker white from Nude of Scandinavia

Regardless of the outfit, almost all the models throughout the fashion weeks were dressed in sneakers. The shoes were almost always sneakers for both cute lace dresses and cool dress pants. 2019 will most likely be the year where you replace your dress shoes with sneakers. They should preferably be both large and with chunky soles, and we want to see more happy colors and patterns.

Chunky shoes are trendier than ever!

Mio Sneaker Beige from Nude of Scandinavia

Chunky soles

Chunky soles, or thick, powerful soles, became familiar to us in 2018, but we can't get enough of these shoes. On the contrary! Now the thick soles that we recognize from the 90s are coming back even stronger. What characterizes them is the high, powerful rubber sole with a retro Buffalo look. Now we find them with both strong colors and soft pastels.

Color trends

One of the strongest trends that characterizes spring/summer 2019 is  colours. Both that the entire shoe is in one colour, or with elements of stronger colors such as pink, red and patterns to make it more exciting. Together with both soft pastels and touches of strong colors, yellow is the color that dominates spring's fashion trends.All you have to do is welcome the summer and enjoy vibrant tones in all shades

An example of this is Joy from Nude of Scandinavia. It is available in several different versions. Everything from white with lovely soft pastel colours, nice blue tones and in all black with cool details. With the completely unique sole that makes them super trendy.

Hilda sneaker Div

Welcome to one of our stores for more inspiration! Here you will find lots of exciting sneakers, such as this super cool Hedvig in multicolor. Here you get lots of inspiration and good service to find the shoe that fits your foot.

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