Vi går mot lysere tider!

We are moving towards brighter times!

We are moving towards brighter times!

Oslo Sneakers green

Now the sun has turned, the days are getting longer and we are moving towards brighter times! That means we can look forward to new shoes that can soon meet the dry asphalt and the sun warming our faces... 

There are probably many of us who long for spring and have already started sneaking a peek at the spring collection.

Right now you get our bestseller Oslo Sneaker at 50- 70% off!

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Sun and coffee in the park... 

Finding things to be happy about brightens your mind and can help if you are a bit heavy-hearted in these times. Here we have found inspiration in Oslo Sneakers beige & white. Perfect combo with a Cappucino!

The greatest joy you can have is to make others happy!

Find a way to make someone happy, smile at someone you don't know, or how about calling/messaging someone you don't usually talk to that much? Maybe you can pay for the coffee for the person behind you in the queue? Hang a note on the mirror with good words for yourself and those you share a bathroom with, a good way to start the day! Use your imagination to make a list of things you can make others happy with and you will see that joy comes to you too!!

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