Vinterdronningen Kaja2- en sko til alle anledninger

The winter queen Kaja2 - a shoe for all occasions

The Winter Queen 

This is Kaja2 , the winter queen with its classic cut, lovely warm lambswool lining and beautiful crocodile leather.

A woman can carry a bag, but it is the shoe that carries the woman.

by Christian Louboutin


We are proud of the quality that is in our shoes and here you see the best of what we have to offer with quality from the inside out. These are hand-sewn shoes from Portugal that we have designed for the Norwegian cold winter, without compromising on appearance.

Kaja2 brown

Classic design

Kaja2 has a classic design with velvety lambskin lining and lovely croco structure in the leather. The sole is the same as we use on a well-known classic called Nemi. It is incredibly soft and good, with deep grooves for better grip on slippery surfaces.

Kaja2 black

Styling tips

This gorgeous shoe is suitable for both dress and work. The good sole means that you will enjoy walking with it for a long time and the warm lambskin lining means that you will not get cold feet. Combine it with a long dress and a tough wool jumper for a laid-back everyday style or wear it with nice trousers and a blouse at work.

Kaja2 brown
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