Walk of Joy

Walk of Joy

Cille sweater

Walk of Joy

Henriette Mari Drangsland 
Head of personnel in sapatos.

What makes you happy? Is it the warmth of the sun on your face or the smell of a good cup of coffee, a smile from a stranger or someone getting up to give you their seat on the tram? The greatest joy you can have is making others happy! There is so much truth in exactly that and in sapatos we have a vision to leave traces of joy in our surroundings . That everyone who comes into contact with us, from producers to consumers, should experience the day a little brighter and more pleasant than before.


The greatest joy you can have is making others happy.

We want for you as a customer to feel welcome in all our stores. You should be offered the help you want and the experience should be good and fill you with joy.

At sapatos we emphasize that our employees are knowledgeable and cater to your needs so that you find the right products of the best quality.

Lolly yellow

With us you will find the unique shoe, as we design and manufacture our own brand sapatos.

Stella2 silver

The shoes are tailored by skilled craftsmen in Portugal.

Scout division in the Philippines

sapatos wants to be a contributor to the society around us. That is why we have collaborated with various humanitarian organizations to contribute to those who have the least. After the terrible Tsunami that ravaged the Philippines in 2015, we were able to help support one of the Norwegian organizations that work locally, Streetlight.

They run an orphanage and during the ravages of the storm the entire orphanage was destroyed. The need for emergency aid was enormous and we were able to help by sending two containers of shoes. Streetlight was responsible for distributing the shoes to local people who had lost everything. This was a small contribution to rebuilding the collapsed society.

Collection of nicely used shoes

The store managers together with Open Heart to distribute shoes to Ukraine.

Marius winter boots

Halvard Hasseløy receives shoes for his wonderful efforts for the poor in Ukraine.

In January 2019, we sent off a trailer load of nicely used shoes for children and adults in war-torn Ukraine. We did this in collaboration with the humanitarian organization Open Heart. A big thank you to all our customers who participated by donating their nicely used shoes.They have progressed well and are of great importance to those who have nothing. It touches us greatly to hear that the children can now go to school after getting shoes on their feet.

Traces of joy

A little story from one of our employees. An elderly couple  comes into the shop. They get into a nice chat about fashion then and now and the lady says to her husband: " I don't want to leave here. It was so good to be here! Shall we buy a coffee and drink it here?"

Bella white

For us, this is to leave traces of joy and it makes us very happy that someone likes us so much that they come in just to have a chat. The little things in life can have a big meaning. A nice complement or a smile can make a difference. How can you help someone have a good day? Our experience is that the greatest joy is making others happy.


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